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About: The Racing Team


Looking for a place where you can learn to become a champion driver ? Looking for a team of industry professionals to run your racing program ? Are you missing that final piece to get you to the front of the field ? Look no further....

The Palmetto-based ParolinUSA team at MottazSport has the experience and the equipment to take you to the winner's circle at any level of Karting. With a track record of race wins and pole positions, be at ease that you have come to the team that will take care of you. Whether it be a club race or an international level event, MottazSport has the systems in place to help you dominate.

Our program is tailor-made for drivers of all levels. With our internal ladder system, we have the infrastructure in place to train new drivers from our 'Development Team' and advance them into our traveling program and beyond.

As the Official US Partner Team for Parolin, drivers can expect to get access to cutting edge technique as well as state of the art equipment. Working directly with the factory team allows our staff to stay ahead of the curve and provide our drivers access to technology that no other team in the paddock can rival. As one of the few teams in the world based at a track, we have 24/7 access to the track at Andersen RacePark which ensures that we have tested absolutely everything  and no stone goes unturned.

With an un-paralleled trackside service, MottazSport recruits the best tuners, mechanics, and specialists to assist you. From our Data Acquisition engineers to our In-house engine development program, MottazSport truly provides drivers with the best opportunity to win.

To join the team, sign up for personal coaching or to set up your free consultation; Contact us today !

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