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Performance Club Kart Rentals


The Performance Club is program dedicated to filling your need for speed without breaking the budget ! ​​For a fraction of the cost of kart ownership, you can experience the speed and G-forces of a real racing kart. Come rent a racing kart that is faster than a roller coaster and a similar power-to-weight ratio as your favorite supercar ! All driving equipment is included in the price of the rental so pack a smile and get ready to race ! The Performance Club is for all drivers ages 5 & up, however drivers without a Driver's License will have to pass our Performance Club Racing School prior to renting a kart on their own.

The Karts:

Baby Kart - Ages 5-7

50cc Racing Kart, 35mph, perfect for beginners

$25 per session

Cadet Kart - Ages 7-11

60cc Racing Kart, 60mph

$40 per session

T225RS Kart - Ages 12+

225cc 4 cycleRacing Kart, 60mph, perfect for beginners

$50 per session

X-30 Kart - Ages 12+

50cc Racing Kart, 75mph, best all around kart

$65 per session

Super Shifter Kart - Ages 15+

175cc Racing Kart, 85mph, 0-60 in 1.9 seconds, absolute monster...

$115 per session

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